after the recent disappointment and general confusion about the last crits i have been thinking of ways to improve my marks in these assessments. i am going to abandon the telling the tale of what i have been through during a project (though i think this works well in the presentation context). i am going to start making work for the purpose of only being shown in a crit, in order that when a tutor asks ‘where are we meant to view this piece’ the answer is ‘right here’ otherwise its pointless showing them anything, because it wont be in the right place if its at the crit.

i particularly enjoyed the idea of creating a piece which had the purpose of the tutor not knowing it purpose. but everyone else knows that the point of the piece is that the tutor isnt meant to know that they arent meant to know what its about. because if they did then they would know that they werent meant to know, and then they would know and the piece would be pointless. or could it carry on, being an expanding in joke, where the people outside the joke dont know that that is the piece. then they see the work from a different side when they learn that its meaning is for people not to know that they are not meant to know.

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