in development!

here is upgrade at the moment, the front black square is a blister. i would appreciate some cluttery jargon for the back (left side of the net), some more ideas for underneath ‘2001 mb of life’, the top left hand text is gay, not funny enough i think, any suggestions? and PUNS = FUN. could probs do with some critasism, which bits are difficult to understand, or oddly confusing in ways which i dont mean them to be. just a few more eyes to absorb the beams and their hold council is what i need. also should it be hung (yes) or be able to sit on a shelf. what size does anyone think it should be? i the net should be at least A4 size. the image is gonna come out weird squashed i think, dont know how to change that. see a better image in the google docs guys called ‘upgrade’.  laters y’all

6 Responses to “UPGRADE OPINIONS”

  1. fred says:

    need to check the spelling and sentences… (the real world HAS never felt so close)…

    obviously the main idea is that technologies are made to become obsolecent, that they have been made to have a short life span by the constant idea of need for new, improved and upgraded devices….

    but the other ideas here, how do they come across….
    i WANNA know what people think its about ie… does it come across its just about these things being a distraction OR does make you think about a disconnection from real world/real relationship and connection to the world….

    Because i like the idea of the distraction … like with Facebook and Stumbleapon but when i was thinking of this product I wanted it to highlight the way these devices become the way we experience the world/ that they separate us from the real or at least we end up having to use them… feel disconnect from life without them…. in some sort of humorous way.

    I dunno what do you guys think?

  2. patrick says:

    Looks good so far.

    Reminded me of this list of factual but irrelevant scientific warnings.

    I think the bit that really gets the idea across well is the text on the back in the bottom right corner, stating that the ultimate upgrade is only good for 200 love letters etc.

  3. fred says:

    That site is very funny… i particularly like
    This product contains minute electrically charged particles moving at velocities in excess of five hundred million miles per hour.

    maybe should have stupid warning signs… about how can affect your life…
    things along these lines…

    -friend counter app : allows you to prove to yourself and the world you are popular by counter your peers, collegues, family, acquaintances and anyone you know the name of as your friend. WARNING may cause anxiety or delusion

    -instant feeling app: lets the everyone know how your feeling about things
    WARNING causes extreme attention seeking in teens

    other WARNINGS
    -can cause excessive use of photography to confirm your existence
    -keep with you at all time or risk severe anxiety and disconnection.

    and maybe the list of specification
    should be very fleeting things… to get across how long its useful or more about fashion…
    6000ft of cool

    comes with 1o minute warranty as standard
    2weeks of contentment
    a year of social acceptability

    or about desire
    NVmatrix 10 or Envimax quantum
    Wantium ion Battery
    flash GIT
    Shy knee
    480-by-320-devine resolution

    should have a big NEW on the front by the name and name should be copyrighted and the company name TM

    what you think?

  4. Elzie says:

    That site went over my head a little, I am not proud but I spent the majority of Physics playing noughts and crosses.

    Fred I like the suggestions :) particularly instant feeling app! Wasn’t quite sure how to respond to ultimate upgrade as I found it confusing and couldn’t think of anything constructive to say.

    Can we make a portable phone signal scrambler?- for all your public service needs!

  5. jackhoneysett says:

    as it is likely to be our only technology product (unless my brain is forgetting an already existing one) i want it to touch on lots of the subjects to be questioned in that field:
    short products life spans,
    confusing jargon+acronyms,
    the uses of such products,
    their benefits to humankind.
    all wrapped up in sexy packaging.
    so this is why it is confusing, which i like for it. i think i’ll add some of the cool things from the bottom of freds last post

  6. Elzie says:

    Then it is a successful product!