Today I had my new unit introduction: “articulating time and space”, the artists’ Julia showed us were pretty inspriational so I’m really looking forward to getting into the research. But the tutors were bang on with the feedback I got today with suggesting I get making as soon as I can into the project. OutsideIN wise- I need to find a way of fitting ’shop’ into my uni requirements, I will mull it over…

Fred and I met up with Clare Chapman (arts and events) today, she was really helpful, it’s really useful having someone onboard who has arts and events expertise- it’s all about course collaboration! Using all of our knowledge and bringing it together. In the meeting we covered the ’shop’ budget, and the cardboard house party; budget, DJ’s, sound systems, and sourcing cardboard. She suggested we contacted Celia from Stitch, who she reckons sources lots of recycled cardboard. So I’ve contacted her via Facebook. She also suggested we contact Hannah Ford, who put on House of trash last year in a disused shop, she could have some helpful pointers on health and safety and logistics of using that kind of space. So i have emailed her.

Hopefully this week we might hear something back from BBC Radio Solent, if not I reckon we should give them a call and see what’s going on. I also think it’s pretty important we get make sure we are setting up the presentations for the other departments so we can get people with other skills onboard with the project. Oo! and Vicky Wareham mentioned Matt Kay as one of our possible contacts- cardboard artist wise? we must chase that up.

Have also added the Stitch and Beat Redemption details (the bits we know about) to the calendar.

Writing all that makes me feel like I’ve had a productive day!

But I must water the plants they don’t look so happy- sorry Ellie!

Elzie x

3 Responses to “Today's doings”

  1. jackhoneysett says:

    nice work ellie, keep up the reminding us all of contact that yes we really should be making, we are all too good at forgetting, glad you are so pro-active with the emails.

    i’ve never seen anyone do it, but i cant see any reason why you cant do and submit 2 separate lines of work. hmmm i guess it says ‘a body of work’ not two, have to find out. it would be a great way for me to deal with legitimizing my many contradictions. maybe it becomes ‘a body of work’ when they two opposites for me are placed together, to contradict each other and define the two different sides clearly.

    for me its wanting to change the world with art, engaging the community making them change their way of thinking, and then wanting to hide away and paint knot work and model trucks, busses and cars.

    i cant think of how to bring those two together, maybe a very odd exhibition of painted models on plinths and videos and photos from shop. creating general confusion for the viewer, they might appreciate both but not know why they are together, which is a nice way of showing my own changes of heart.

    hope that spew was useful in some way, to help you combine shop with a perhaps more personal project.

    keep on chasing

  2. fred says:

    I have done two bodies of work… painting and then separate performances work and I was rewarded with good marks but the keys to know why you are pursuing different avenues, how they differ and what common concerns they bring to light.

    and you can choose to use Project ‘Shop’ to test particular desires.. such as viewer participation and ideas of experience as key interest to you?

    or art as vessels of communication- such as the products (which are containers of our responses to investigation but also constructed challenges, question marks)

    or playing with ideas of authorship and collaboration?
    no ones idea will be created in the end
    only everyone’s idea will come to be

    or the social function or responsibility of the artist?

    I think can all learn different lessons from this one point of reference…


  3. Hey, what’s this about chasing me and my cardboard sculptures…? :]