I bothered them and Bothered them and Bothered some more

Talked to lots of Letting Agents and Landlords, got a mixed response, still chasing loose ends dangling about

I think I’m doing pretty good when it comes to these Phone convos

The Basic responce has been positive-but hesitant, seems the issue is that there is no way we can guarantee a premises until closer to the time

we’ll need to find a way of working round this

I’ve found it difficult getting a responce from alot of contacts and there are some old contacts that we have….fallen out of contact with. Today I phoned Matt Desmire and had to leave a message, i intend to do this again this week and the next and the next we want Matt in our corner, we could do with his no nonsense sensibility

I don’t like the idea of bothering people BUT, It has never been more difficult to get the required attention from a contact than in this day and age. It’s frustrating but i really don’t see a choice. I don’t want to accept that the situation is-bother people or simply don’t be heard

I can’t wait for when all these contacts and all this networking and all these meetings finally pays off

I’ve updated all the letting agent contacts on Googledocs and what has been done as well as needs to be done with them

updates ASAP

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