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17 Responses to “Your Thoughts”

  1. Gareth Lewis says:

    Hi Guys,

    Visited you shop at lunchtime. It is brilliant. I’m still smiling. I told several colleagues at work and they visited you as well. Thank you for making an ordinary Friday into something a bitr special. Wishing you every success for future projects. Keep up the good work.


  2. Ness says:

    Hi OutsideIn,

    I’m coming to see you tomorrow, but I’ve been watching the CCTV stream on the website all day. I think you are all truly brilliant and I can’t wait to see the real thing tomorrow.


  3. The Gorv says:

    Good afternoon,

    I visited your splendid emporium today at the time foe luncheon and had a most pleasurable quarter of one hour looking at the delightful products that you stock.

    I purchased the Unicorn Permit, as I had prior to the shopping expedition, been the proud but secretive owner of an illicit unicorn and this seemed the ideal opportunity to make good my obligations under the Unicorn and Mystical Beast Act 1855 para. 4 subsection 5.1 “Mortals and the regulated ownership of Unicorns”. So your establishment, Shop (a very wisely name, I do have to say), was an absolute joy to behold.

    Unfortunately when I returned to my residence, I discovered that the dreaded FSA (Fantastical Stories Authority) had performed a raid on my property and confiscated my unicorn. Do you know where I could purchase a replacement, or failing that could I get a refund on my now rather redundant Unicorn Permit?

    Kindest regards

    The Gorv

  4. Aliceee Kiernander says:

    Lol…. i went in to you shop yesterday at around 6ish… and i thought the guy was well creepy…. :L and didnt understand the idea of it all… But i got a really cool cardboard thingy… of the milk carton with the farting cows.. even the woman at the counter made a beeping noise!!!

  5. Fantastic ! Not only a brilliant and engaging use of a ‘void’ ( empty shop ) but profoundly clever performance art with a heavy twist of genius ! All my contacts through Bournemouth Chamber , fellow business people and even my wife thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    For the outsideincollective to have persuaded our local leading commercial agent to make the void available is truly breaking new ground and Bournemouth Chamber is grateful for the group not only chosing Bournemouth but for showing these projects can work in empty shops.
    I sincerely hope this groundbreaking project is the start of more inter-active art in our Town.
    Thank you guys , you are all stars !

  6. Fan of the Sweeper says:

    I was in your shop today and absolutely had a wonderful time. Your products are genious and I am surprised that more retailers aren’t stocking such wonders.

    All of you are really talented people…but I must say the old man with the brush was hilarios and very handsome for an old chap. His brushing techniques were supreme!

    Good luck for the future…trade long and prosper

    Bernard xx

  7. Alex Allison says:

    This is such an amazing project. It is not often that students go outside of the university sphere to try and engage with the community of the city/town that they are in and make a significant impact. I like the way not only are you bringing a little bit of art to the city centre but the way you are addressing problems with failing high streets in a creative and fun way. I have been watching the feeds and looking at all your work. U guys completely fulfilled your mission statement of not shying away from big ideas. People are obviously enjoying it. Wish I could have come to see it. Keep at it!

  8. Abbie says:

    When i visited the shop i didn’t know what to expect. It was really cool. I loved reading the products and having a laugh. Everyone should visit!

  9. Abbie says:

    When we went to the amazing shop i got sprinkle sparkle and the stop motion vision, my brother got diet fat and the food block and my sister got the diet fat too.

  10. Dadz Blingham says:

    Wow! Brilliant.

    I wonder how many customers have an idea of the amount of work entailed in getting a shop for Shop and all that it contains – including the characters. I, among many others it seems, thought it was a great, entertaining and thought provoking scheme. Well worth all the input.

    Shopping for pleasure? Possible? Um?

  11. Demeter says:

    An all-consuming experience.
    Congratulations on all your hard work.

  12. Jenn Jenn says:

    i really enjoyed visiting your shop i bought some personal spaceee ohhh yeahhh :P :) such a fantastic idea! im guna keep up with your website to check out for future projects :)

  13. Jack says:


    I came in twice today and it was really good! Such a brilliant idea and very well presented! I bought some legitchew, victory food and quantitative easers that i bought with my cardboard ID. I also kept my BISA card that I was given. I really like what i bought and thought the money notes were amazing, I only wish i could have kept one.

  14. Steve Baker says:

    Hi Guys
    Visited The Shop today. Brilliant! Not only made you think but take a little ‘wake up call’.
    Whoever put the thoughts together – Well Done! Do it again.
    The Web site ——Ugh! Sorry but you really need some help here. Not easy to use, or view.
    Fellow Artist who may be able to help – No not me. A guy who is a real I.T. genius.
    Contact Ian, through http://www.artdept.org.uk
    Cornish based – World Wide Excellence!! Also an Artist and Brilliant. Beleive!

  15. Sally says:

    The Sprinkle Sparkles were absolutely marvellous. Covered a hideous mess in my kitchen. Thank you so much for the pleasant service in your shop, no complaints at all. Will definitely be calling in again soon. Do you deliver?

  16. Roger Parker says:

    Well done …great to see a new and fresh retail concept opening in Bournemouth. Told loads of people to make the visit…….great to have something new to do in town.

    Brilliant concept, outstanding execution….more more!

  17. Joel says:

    honestly the most fun i think i have EVER had in the town centre – if you intend on doing anything like this – or any type of display ever again – please contact us at http://www.hubalicious.org as we publicise arts and cultural events in bournemouth and pool, much kudos to you – for doing what you do!