hello all

This week is all about TEAM WORK… so things may have been very hard and frustrating these past weeks… but this week it all changes… this week we remember we like each other and that we are all making something together!

there is 4 aims of this week and they are big ones but we can do it cos we are good!

Aim 1: GET A SHOP- this will be every weeks aim till we manage to find one… so martin and jack maybe dedicated hour or two a day to this.

Aim 2: Make 200 products- this means cardboard collecting… 3 days this week.. at least 2 people each time (we need to get cardboard for party as well)

and for this week product printing is a job for me, Jack and Martin! woo making.. yay!

Aim 3: Website complete- this is a job for Ash and I- but I will need your guys support to get me images and input.. etc.

Aim 4: MAKE AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Mooshie Taboo products!- this is under the capable hands of Ellie and Mr Patrick… but they will need support and encouragement… like ‘you can do it’ and ‘push it’ and well I imagine a Rocky movie montage with sweat running down Ellie’s face as Patrick, her coach shouts slogans at her.

I propose meet at 10am studio 5 for a quick plan the week’s output… whose who… whats what… any questions.. affair.. then get on have some fun and work real hard.

sound good?

and I was thinking

Monday-work hard from 10am then all go home at 5.30 and have time to ourselves…

Tuesday- 10 or 11 then meet for lunch then more sexy work then to  jacks for ironing T-shirts… dinner… make together then to buffalo.. we can figure best way round this and where.

Wednesday- work in studio till like 630- lots of printing and cutting and fun… then patrick for ironing, sewing labels and meeting… all eat there!

Thursday- long day at uni then home for me time? dinner alone.. candle lit

Friday… finish it… sleep and then


Ellie KP don’t think you are forgotten your AIM: have fun, get drunk and do many things I wouldn’t do… that will be hard cos I eat food off train floors and pretend to be a bird in airports… have a great time!

Things not to worry about this week..

design products- next week we can get back on that!

the budget.. beyond what I will do.. but again next week must get this tidy and all sorted!

the event ‘Shop’ … figuring it out and all those concerns other than getting a space.. gonna have a meeting


Recently I’ve been thinking about what my role is within the group. I don’t often get involved with things like writing for the group, be it the shop project statement or manifesto or whatever it is we have that sets out what ousideIN is about, it’s key aims and such. I think my lack of input in things like this has meant that I don’t feel like I really identify with what the group is stated to be. For example, I think the ‘about the group’ section on our website is a lot more reflective of other members of the group, or rather their interpretation of what they think outsideIN is about.

At the moment I don’t know whether I want to take a more active role in defining the group or if I’m content to remain a sort of backseat member because when I actually think about what I do at the moment, I just seem to be relied upon as a sort of technician.

Today Ellie and I printed a lot of the Moosie Taboo t-shirts and bags and while I’m sure Ellie and the rest of the group could manage the Mooshie Taboo project without my help, I think it would be a lot harder than it is with my help. I’ve been involved at almost every stage, from spending days drawing out one of the designs on Illustrator, to sizing the designs and preparing them for silkscreens and actually screen printing them. The part I wasn’t involved in was the actual conception of the whole t-shirt making endeavor. It wasn’t my idea but I’ve been working on it in none the less because of my skills in Illustrator and silkscreen printing. I think the problem is that I don’t feel like I have any real control over what I’m working on. I don’t feel very outsideIN, I feel more like I work for outsideIN.

and…I have FINALLY finished the design that’s taken me a stretch of 4 days to complete due to ills. BUT ! it’s finally here, and i’m uber happy :)

This is what the screen will look like – in 3 parts. -Patrick, let me know if this looks okay. I can’t get each screen’s detail to be the same colour because there’s a variation of line and fill. but you get the idea. It’s going to need a lot of tape, …or maybe less colours in it? i dunno, it should be fine :) I’m just gunna have to write some thorough printing instructions and test the printing a lot before hand so i know what colour goes where. It might take a million years to print this one. but i think it will look lovely. I think i’m going to start sewing labels onto tshirts this week, while we’re waiting for the screens to be exposed.

This is what the design will look like, finished…hopefully!


I’ve just finished drawing this design in for the Mooshie Taboo t-shirts.

It’s a three part print, a red layer, then blue and green layer with a final black detail print.

Ellie, if there are any problems just let me know and I can fix it tomorrow.