Although I had truly written off getting a shop todays meeting has given me a little hope, Martin is very optimistic that we will be able to get this one because we no longer have to over come the issue of landlords not wanting to commit us using the space because they are holding out for a long-term tenant… but this short time means we have a lot of planing and work to do in a very short period of time…

However this time although we have started formulating the plan of action I’m gonna wait till we know for sure before I make more substantial proposal because the rest of the project where I have had to plan with many assumptions and guessed parameters just to keep all the whole thing moving in the right direction and then things completely change which has retrospectively made a large amount of my hard work a waste of time…. many budgets… many plans… many emails…

WE GET THIS SPACE AND I WILL BE SO HAPPY… I was to talking to the tutor Tom Chamberlin this evening and showing him some of the products and telling him about our plans and I remember how good it is what we are doing and thought about how amazing its gonna look when we have a shop full of these products… we talk about have some of the products weren’t printed perfectly all over so you could read it all but he said it won’t matter because you already get a sense of what they are about from each other and that they will become just part of a whole experience which is where most of the value or understanding of the piece will come. I also loved sharing with him these excellent design product all of your work, cos it is fucking good and funny and so engaging and tactile. He was asking how we were gonna price things and keep it in the capitalist system of exchange so I then handed him some money and his face light up with astonishment… he said immediately ‘this is good paper’ and told how Patrick had made drawn it and some of the ideas within… he was impressed. The best part was that after talking about the idea of the audience questioning what they could get with it and its value or the value of the products he said ‘that they might choose to keep the note instead’ and I loved that he said it cos he’s not one of us and he could see what i think that the great thing about Patrick’s notes they an seem to posses an intrinsic value because of the realness and because of the craft, skill beauty of the illustration.

I think Patrick we should print another 2 packs because its budgeted for and they are so good.

so let get this shop and make the ‘Shop’ we intend and enjoy all our hard work paying off finally!

hell yes!


Today I had a really useful talk with print technician Jess about how to fabricate the fake money for Shop. I showed her the stuff I’ve been working on and we talked about engraving, intaglio, lithographs, etc.

I’ve been working on the money thing like it’s a personal side project; it’s been great for developing my skill in Illustrator and design. Although having said that, I think it’s quite an integral part of the whole Shop experience and I would like some input from everyone else.

The First note I made for the project I made mostly as a joke because it was a straight up copy of a £10 banknote with Martin’s face instead of the Queen.

After I showed it to Martin; we started working on making it something a lot less like an actual banknote and introducing elements which related to the idea of shop. Although a lot of it is based on in-jokes.
I have fully redone this note a few times now but I’ve constantly been making lots of small changes especially as I’ve gotten better at using Illustrator and I look back at things that could be improved.

The Money we used for mini-shop was this old design printed on normal paper using an Inkjet Printer and while it worked okay for mini-Shop; a couple of people commented on how it either didn’t go with the aesthetic of Shop; either because it wasn’t hand made or because it wasn’t cardboard. Quite a few people also gave the money back. I think one problem is that it simply lacked any intrinsic value; which is the whole point of money.
Although Banknotes are technically Fiat money having themselves no intrinsic value, they are backed up by the intrinsic money of the bank which makes them and are therefor treated as if they are intrinsic money. It’s for that reason I decided it would work better if our fake money felt like it had some intrinsic worth, by printing the money on rag paper to give it that money feel and by printing them myself using etching or whatever technique achieved the best results but wasn’t too time consuming.
So I started doing research into how money is actually made but the best information I could find was from guides about counterfeiting.

How Counterfeiting Works

. . . however, there is quite a good website for the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing which has some interesting information. I like the the fact that the original plates for money are all hand engraved.

One thing about the designs I’d done which I didn’t like is that they don’t have that engraved look. That’s why I’ve began drawing the notes again from scratch; using the same etched style found on banknotes but still doing it on illustrator.

I was showing this to Jess earlier and one problem that came up was that I might not be able to print with this level of detail but aside from that it was quite good. Jess suggested I use lithograph printing. So that’s the plan for now. I’ll either find a printer which can print this level of detail onto acetate or change the design but either way, lithographs is the way to go.

Here’s Darth Vader :D


This is a lecture about the history of central banking and the nature of intrinsic and fiat money.

I think this is very relevant to shop, not least because we are printing our own money and presenting the viewer with the opportunity to consider intrinsic worth.