wednesday i started putting together what i had originally planed for the central shelf and thursday i started cladding it. this was tricky and fiddly and was not satisfying, and was not creating anything which anyone would have been happy with. then after a coffee break me and pat came across some giant sturdy pallets which we put together, and are soo much better for the central shelves, much sturdier, pleasing structure, clean, easier to clad! the question with these ones is whether it is best to clad the whole thing, or leave some structure exposed, to highlight the point of it being found materials, and show the nice lattice of shoddy wood, i’d appreciate others to express opinions when they see them, in order that i can duly ignore them :) i have built a custom checkout counter, which is a good height and size, which would have been harder to by modding a table.

we then got given some boxes by the sweet shop next door which patrick is putting together into the pick and mix stand, we then noticed that they contained pick and mix sweets, and smelt of sweeties (and not shit like some other cardboard, which is a good size but we might not use due to it smelling up the place). also today i shall convert a box for a fridge into the chiller unit.

so its going well, im just leaving to head down to the shop now and will update you on the progress soon