Experiment duration: 1 year

I have been trying to commit to this experiment over the last month, my first attempt last only 36 hours… and I thought about TV most of that time… I love watching TV, films, DVDs, hour after hour, series after series, night after night… but it no longer makes my life more full, its just a passive way to entertain my brain instead of getting of with my dissertation and all the other thing could be doing with my time. Tv is a perfectly good way to entertain yourself, beyond just surviving, life is just entertaining your brain… but this body of work is about trying new ways to see if different input and more output will lead to me being more productive in finding/creating happiness and fufillment. Plus I have watched every decent series available on 4OD & iplayer!



No watching TV- Including iplayer, 4OD, other internet sites and DVD’s

No watching films alone

Only alone watching- art and artist videos and other research material.


With more time freed up and no easy distraction or source of pleasure I will find it more tempting to endeavour with all the books I have. Books I have brought over the last few years with the deep desire and intention of becoming more knowledgeable on those topics. It will also focus my attention on my own output and allow me more time to develop skills… whatever they may be. I am more likely to stumble the internet but this normally leads to interesting thing and new sources of knowledge so that will be good, plus I get bored of this after an hour or so.

Most importantly I hope it will mean that I sleep at night and can get up in the mornings and don’t feel so tired, having not stayed up till 4am watching 5 episodes of some random program.

so here goes… it begins 2hours 24 minutes without TV (but with everything else) and counting…

anyone else have a bad relationship with TV?