so want to get things for personality Pic ‘N’ Mix sorted… it worked very well in Mini ‘Shop’

Mini 'Shop' 2 day exhibition, Novemeber 2009

for the real thing I think same sort of structure but free standing and more choice…12 or 18

so aswell as these nine need to pick 3 or 6 more

Rudeness, Hope, Exaggeration, Kindness, Despair, Selfishness, Motivation, Anxiety, Impatience














…. and or anything else

for the actual personalities/sweets i thought having screens of different patterns made up and printing on large sheets of cardboard then simply cutting them up its to rectangles …

Questions for you…

what other personality traits should be available?

where did we get the bags before/how much it cost?or was it just paper?

and how many we need?



hi all… thought I would put this up to remind us of time when the idea of ‘Shop’ was just that and an initial idea… and it was the groups reaction to the retail context… from our old Facebook group…so things have moved on a lot and it is and we are so much better, we have all changed and i think have learnt loads doing this.

When the highly developed and considered event ‘Shop’ happens in may it will have been about a year since this convo… proof that good ideas aren’t always easy to make happen!


Hey all!

I’m just starting research for my essay finally managed to get out of bed and read something!

I’m reading the essay A Genealogy of Participatory Art by Boris Groys, it’s pretty interesting stuff and its lead me back to thinking about what we are doing, or trying to do, us as a group and more specifically with Project ‘Shop’.

Maybe some of us know the answers already, maybe some of us are defining them through our essay writing but if not after this stress is over with

we need to find our group and/or individual positions on what we are doing, the different aspects of the project and the art we are making.

Whatever political and ideological statements we are making, we need to be aware, refine and define our understandings of it otherwise were not learning and we would just be having some fun… and I think we are definitely working too hard and definitely not having enough fun for this just to be frivolous play!

so after essay deadline I think each of us should read a piece of critical text relating to the content of this project… economy, consumerism, high-street culture, selling of ideas, buying the perfect life… and to continue reading context related texts about use of slack space, art and commodity and participation and collective and collaborative working.

Then through this blog we can consolidate all our research and thoughts and each one of us can become very well-informed individuals indeed.

what do you guys think?


I just realised I didn’t answer martins question when I comment bellow his last blog

he said ‘I think ‘Shop’ should be like a critique of consumerism and it’s language. Not Pro, Not Anti but critical and a bit satirical. what do you guys think?’

To answer you I think our role as Artist is not to give answers but to raise questions!
How we engage an audience and induce these questions in the viewer’s mind is where our skill and talents come in. I Think its natural and important to develop our own opinion on the subject but it should never become about us forcing our view on others. I think that is why working collaboratively with the group and beyond is great because it is already a dialogue not a presentation of one person’s point of view.

This dialogue between the producers of the work will hopefully generate both a personal and public dialogue among the audience- the viewer, the spectator, the observer and the participant.

There are many types of audience to consider but also very importantly we must think about the forums we create for the discussion provoke by our questioning!

Simply put I think ‘Shop’ is us highlighting a particular part of our culture and how hugely absurd it is but in an approachable, fun and humourous way!




I think the idea of this video is to cover as many bases as possible, as many different potential markets are ’sold’ to with the use of language and imagery.

I can imagine our shop TV adverts being presented in a similar way, i mean we could have alot of shops content as viral like ad’s. I think the sort of culture were creating (which is obviously based and referencing our experience of consumer culture) has the potential to last much much longer than the event will. maybe in an odd way it will become like the

I found these bits of info on groups concerned with consuming through the term ‘Anti-advertising’

i was searching for this term as I thought it was the phrase used to describe a trend in advertising in about the late 1990’s early 2000’s in which adverts had a tendency to portray some kind of negative element, almost ironic or sarcastic. A good example is the Dr Pepper ad  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AhO1qFmcAs&feature=PlayList&p=1EA82BFC66C18428&index=9]  ‘whats the worst that could happen?’ campaign. This advert seems to some what subvert traditional advertising. i wish i could find the correct term, maybe one of you guys know.

Anyway heres quote on those groups

“Consumer protection associations, environment protection groups, globalization opponents, consumption critics, sociologists, media critics, scientists and many others deal with the negative aspects of advertising. “Antipub” in France, “subvertising”, culture jamming and adbusting have become established terms in the anti-advertising community….These groups criticize the complete occupation of public spaces, surfaces, the airwaves, the media, schools etc. and the constant exposure of almost all senses to advertising messages, the invasion of privacy, and that only few consumers are aware that they themselves are bearing the costs for this to the very last penny.

Some of these groups, such as the ‘The Billboard Liberation Front Creative Group’ in San Francisco or Adbusters in Vancouver, Canada, have manifestos.[87] Grassroots organizations campaign against advertising or certain aspects of it in various forms and strategies and quite often have different roots.” ( i feel we may fit into this catorgry better)

“Adbusters, for example contests and challenges the intended meanings of advertising by subverting them and creating unintended meanings instead…. The ‘Anti Advertising Agency’ works with parody and humour to raise awareness about advertising.[91]“

the next quote from the same source talks about media education:

Media literacy organisations aim at training people, especially children in the workings of the media and advertising in their programmes. In the U. S., for example, the ‘Media Education Foundation’ produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources.[93] ‘The Canadian ‘Media Awareness Network/Réseau éducation médias’ offers one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of media education and Internet literacy resources. Its member organizations represent the public, non-profit but also private sectors. Although it stresses its independence it accepts financial support from Bell Canada, CTVGlobeMedia, CanWest, TELUS and S-VOX.[95]“

I find this stuff fascinating.

  1. The idea of media education is something i realized I’m quite interested in, infact i’d go as far to say that i think it’s becoming increasingly essential for new generations to learn the language of media, particularly as the word is becoming mindbogglingly media saturated. and
  2. The fact that one of the best resources of media education accepts finance from media organisations, i mean it feels like a double bluff to me, who’s opinions are they representing here?…scary


I’m going to do some more research into these organizations, I think it’s important that we keep project ‘Shop’ in mind here, I think Shop should be like a critique of consumerism and it’s language. Not Pro, Not Anti but critical and a bit satirical. what do you guys think?


this is Michael Landy, I think this is good research for us.

heres a quick blurb I’ve edited

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Landy

i know hes a YBA and so our natural enemy (if you believe in the each generation must react against it’s predecessors spiel) BUT I think Mike Landys attitude to consumer culture is quite interesting and appropriate for project ’shop’

Michael Landy

‘Closing Down Sale’

In 1992, Landy started an association with Karsten Schubert by making Closing Down Sale for his gallery, an installation made up of a number of objects in shopping trolleys labeled “BARGAIN” and recorded announcements encouraging visitors to buy.

The work was intended as a comment on the commodification of art, and might be seen as a precursor of sorts to Break Down, a work which produced no salable objects.

‘Break down’

Destroyed all possessions ALL of them dust was left