wednesday i started putting together what i had originally planed for the central shelf and thursday i started cladding it. this was tricky and fiddly and was not satisfying, and was not creating anything which anyone would have been happy with. then after a coffee break me and pat came across some giant sturdy pallets which we put together, and are soo much better for the central shelves, much sturdier, pleasing structure, clean, easier to clad! the question with these ones is whether it is best to clad the whole thing, or leave some structure exposed, to highlight the point of it being found materials, and show the nice lattice of shoddy wood, i’d appreciate others to express opinions when they see them, in order that i can duly ignore them :) i have built a custom checkout counter, which is a good height and size, which would have been harder to by modding a table.

we then got given some boxes by the sweet shop next door which patrick is putting together into the pick and mix stand, we then noticed that they contained pick and mix sweets, and smelt of sweeties (and not shit like some other cardboard, which is a good size but we might not use due to it smelling up the place). also today i shall convert a box for a fridge into the chiller unit.

so its going well, im just leaving to head down to the shop now and will update you on the progress soon

bank cardThe cash machine hasn’t moved very far since my first post on the subject, but I’m still confident it is possible to get up and running for the event.

Here’s a brief bit about the pitfalls I’ve come up against.

Firstly I really want to avoid having to do any electronics as my knowledge is limited and it’s also

  • Safer (we need this machine to pass a safety test)
  • quicker and easier
  • reuse the components
  • easier scripting

So the main unit is an old Del printer, unfortunately there is no drivers for mac hence my choice to use and old PC. Using my old PC has the advantage that it doesn’t matter if it gets damaged. The only disadvantage is that to get the pin-whole camera to record each transaction I would use the very simple Apple actionscript on my mac. I’m sure there is a relatively easy way on PC but i’ll need to find and learn how to use it.

Flash has a print function that I thought I could utilise essentially printing a blank page which will be our already printed money. This function however brings up the print dialogue box before printing. So I went on the search to find a way of getting around it seems a few people want the ability to do this, it was suggested it can be done in a web browser using JavaScript(which Flash can communicate with easily). However I still haven’t found a solution that worked and believe there may not be one that doesn’t require knowledge way above my skill set. I did find out that if I had Internet Explorer 5, it has the capability to print direct to default printer without the dialogue box, This was a security issue.

It amuses me to think of malicious web designer making a link that when clicked would print what ever the desired, if you thought pop up are annoying what about having your printer print hundreds of pages of adverts.

So at the moment I have one trick I’ve not tested, but if that doesn’t work it looks like i’m going to have to bite the bullet and brush up on my electronics.

One thing that needs to be produced for this to work is our QR code bank card

Bank card

The card will be screen printed on one side of cardboard and then have a printer label on the back for the individual QR code.

I was thinking we would print a few generic ones like Mr or Mrs, Miss Customer, But how about ones we send to people for advertising or those that we know the names for, is there a way to leave it blank and print/draw/stencil names on?

and should the bank cards be from all the same bank?

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome

hi all… thought I would put this up to remind us of time when the idea of ‘Shop’ was just that and an initial idea… and it was the groups reaction to the retail context… from our old Facebook group…so things have moved on a lot and it is and we are so much better, we have all changed and i think have learnt loads doing this.

When the highly developed and considered event ‘Shop’ happens in may it will have been about a year since this convo… proof that good ideas aren’t always easy to make happen!


17march Prop Workshop at 60Million Postcards

hello all

I’m Fred, one of the artist in OutsideIN Collective and this is the first entry of weekly updates on the developement of Project ‘Shop’.

So this week has been very busy and full of ups and downs, just like most week since we began working on this project full-time in January. Its been a week of designing, printing and rain… with some disappointment!

Making ‘Shop’ Happen!

Martin has been hard at work on the phone and email each day contacting various landlords and local officials continuing our ongoing fight to get hold of an empty shop unit, so we can actually do the event in may! It is as ever an up hill struggle… even though there are many empty units around…  we have council support…  everyone is very positive about the idea…  and even with the offer of money and advertising many leads have gone dead… some just couldn’t commit till April and this is too long for us, because we need to have the space so we know what cardboard shelves to make and more importantly to get posters and flyers made to get people to experience ‘Shop’.  It is hard to not let it bring us down… we do what is suggested to us but with each success like getting £250 from the radio there seem to come another closed-door or hurdle.

But we continue to spin many plates of this project in hope. At the moment there are 2 possible shop locations left in Bournemouth and the chance we could do it in Poole, but this week we will push to get a space or start on top-secret plan B. (whatever that will be)

Designing: Many designs are flowing from the groups… ‘Ultra upgrade’ ‘legit-chew’ ‘Placebo’ and many more, and they are all really good and will make engaging talking points… different subjects and themes… but all beautifully design subversion of products with a juicy layer of cultural referencing and humour!

I am really excited to see how people respond to them and what conversation comes, this is my greatest interest and its this that keeps me going!

Printing: As easter break is approaching and we won’t be able to use the studio for a few weeks, so we set the target of printing 250 products this and next week to bring the total number of products for the ‘Shop’ to approximately 1300… that’s quite a big challenge… this week we only managed 100+ products as we wanted to make sure the new designs were as good as they could be and had problem getting silk screen exposed

but NEXT WEEK we will PRINT LIKE MAD to get 300 products printed!


We have been working on product Ad storyboards, talking the film students who are helping us and set the shoot date for next friday… just need to find the actors and get the props made!

We had another fun workshop at Stitch at 60 Million Postcards, its was a good night with great music and lots of cakes… to many cakes and some strange cardboard dressed men!

Ellie continued Fund raising by selling the wonderful Mooshie Taboo T-shirts and bags at STITCH and Cowabunga at The Winchester, we still have many more beautiful designs for you to buy!

Fun at prop workshop!

Thats it for now, check back soon as we will be uploading the BBC radio Solent interview that we bumble our way through. Plus we are currently setting up an OutsideIN youtube channel to get up all funny videos from the Project ‘Shop’ so far and playlists of the research we’ve been laughing at!


Get involved or find out more: email

in development!

here is upgrade at the moment, the front black square is a blister. i would appreciate some cluttery jargon for the back (left side of the net), some more ideas for underneath ‘2001 mb of life’, the top left hand text is gay, not funny enough i think, any suggestions? and PUNS = FUN. could probs do with some critasism, which bits are difficult to understand, or oddly confusing in ways which i dont mean them to be. just a few more eyes to absorb the beams and their hold council is what i need. also should it be hung (yes) or be able to sit on a shelf. what size does anyone think it should be? i the net should be at least A4 size. the image is gonna come out weird squashed i think, dont know how to change that. see a better image in the google docs guys called ‘upgrade’.  laters y’all

SO! the party is going ahead.  I think it’s under control. This is going to a hectic week as we have to clear Patrick’s house, deck it out in cardboard, build a cardboard fort village and set up music and lights and we have 4 days to do it in, starting tomorrow. MEANWHILE gotta be arranging Stitch! stuff for tomorrow at 5pm…. including Mooshie Taboo stuff and some kind of amazing work shop which hasn’t been organised at all yet.

We need to do a booze run, and fix up some kind of health and safety for the party…

So far 98 people confirmed, 101 maybe and 600 and something not yet couldget vvery hectic!

At the moment wrestling with the idea of tellign neighbors/landlord that we’re throwing a fundrasier party … we don’t we?!


we need to establish what our ‘roles’ will be at the party – bouncers, people in charge or merch, boooze, keeping all the cash safe, damage control, fire watch etc.

yep. it’s starting to sound boring but i really need everyone to give me a hand as the responsibility of this has been casually dumped on my head and this week i was meant to be getting on top of printing and designing products, figuring out a screen rotation plan and DOING shop. Oh and figuring out what i’m going to do my essay on, and then actually beginning the research, and then writing the essay. And not eating wheat or dairy at all. haha x

UPDATE: Clare has found ‘a sick russian chick’ to DJ as well. still waiting for Shark Bait and co to confirm

I’m just adding a link to this guys portfolio because he’s made some really cool things out of cardboard.

He says he made them as a response to our consumer relationship with technology and obsolescence.

Kyle Bean