in development!

here is upgrade at the moment, the front black square is a blister. i would appreciate some cluttery jargon for the back (left side of the net), some more ideas for underneath ‘2001 mb of life’, the top left hand text is gay, not funny enough i think, any suggestions? and PUNS = FUN. could probs do with some critasism, which bits are difficult to understand, or oddly confusing in ways which i dont mean them to be. just a few more eyes to absorb the beams and their hold council is what i need. also should it be hung (yes) or be able to sit on a shelf. what size does anyone think it should be? i the net should be at least A4 size. the image is gonna come out weird squashed i think, dont know how to change that. see a better image in the google docs guys called ‘upgrade’.  laters y’all