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BBC Radio Solent Community Chest are beginning to push our event, there is NOTHING definite, the woman i talked to was hesitant to make any sort of promises. Mike as in course leader, is acting as our referee in this, he should be talking to them today or tomorrow. regardless, things are moving forwards in this way


also today i chased up the Unit4a Andy Duck contact. His meeting he says, was cancelled and was unable to talk with a contact from Town Center Management. He is talking to the right people…but they’re not really talking back. he is now pushing our event harder. However this is the smallest of our choices of shop space. Matt Desmire is also aware of this and is applying some pressure


Todays Main Story however

BIG ASS HUGE MEETING is being set up, were talking Mafia style…all the families…round a table, lots of tension…heavy with atmosphere.

Matt Desmire is arraigning this meeting. He’s invited as many people from the Bournemouth Council as he can, this is including those responsible for Bournemouth’s Economic Development. Also Oren Liberman: Dean of Faculties at the AUCB, he’s one of the best champions for our event. I know i keep mentioning him, but i honestly think Oren will bring great changes for Us, the AUCB and Bournemouth itself.

so in short things are moving forwards and we have big people speaking for us, on our behalf. finally I can focus on some Art work

I will put all contacts and details as what to do with them up on the ol’ Google Docs after this Blog entry.

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