So it was mentioned to me instead of barcodes on the products we would do some or all with QR codes.

What to do with QR Codes? -
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QR codes or 2D barcodes are encrypted information usually contact details that with phone apps or webcams can send a person directly to a site.

so people effectively the products could take them to a page that links to the item, idea, theme well anything we like!

To make them
1. Go to this site
Click here to create them.
2. Type your product question url “” + “pagetitle“(for example stop motion vision this would be “”).
3. Download the PNG and incorporate it into the design.

Note: try keeping the page name short with no spaces or capitals it can be just a mix of numbers and letters if you like as we may eventually having it auto forward to what ever page links in.

One Response to “QR Codes”

  1. fred says:

    thanks Ash

    that is good and pretty simple, Patrick and I discussed it and decided we will probably have them on nearly all products but many may like straight to the home page.