bank cardThe cash machine hasn’t moved very far since my first post on the subject, but I’m still confident it is possible to get up and running for the event.

Here’s a brief bit about the pitfalls I’ve come up against.

Firstly I really want to avoid having to do any electronics as my knowledge is limited and it’s also

  • Safer (we need this machine to pass a safety test)
  • quicker and easier
  • reuse the components
  • easier scripting

So the main unit is an old Del printer, unfortunately there is no drivers for mac hence my choice to use and old PC. Using my old PC has the advantage that it doesn’t matter if it gets damaged. The only disadvantage is that to get the pin-whole camera to record each transaction I would use the very simple Apple actionscript on my mac. I’m sure there is a relatively easy way on PC but i’ll need to find and learn how to use it.

Flash has a print function that I thought I could utilise essentially printing a blank page which will be our already printed money. This function however brings up the print dialogue box before printing. So I went on the search to find a way of getting around it seems a few people want the ability to do this, it was suggested it can be done in a web browser using JavaScript(which Flash can communicate with easily). However I still haven’t found a solution that worked and believe there may not be one that doesn’t require knowledge way above my skill set. I did find out that if I had Internet Explorer 5, it has the capability to print direct to default printer without the dialogue box, This was a security issue.

It amuses me to think of malicious web designer making a link that when clicked would print what ever the desired, if you thought pop up are annoying what about having your printer print hundreds of pages of adverts.

So at the moment I have one trick I’ve not tested, but if that doesn’t work it looks like i’m going to have to bite the bullet and brush up on my electronics.

One thing that needs to be produced for this to work is our QR code bank card

Bank card

The card will be screen printed on one side of cardboard and then have a printer label on the back for the individual QR code.

I was thinking we would print a few generic ones like Mr or Mrs, Miss Customer, But how about ones we send to people for advertising or those that we know the names for, is there a way to leave it blank and print/draw/stencil names on?

and should the bank cards be from all the same bank?

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome

4 Responses to “Please insert card”

  1. patrick says:

    As the bankcards won’t be that big, we can print lots at once like legit chew. If we have a list of people who we are sending them to, we can put there names on some of the cards and leave the rest blank/generic.

    I suppose cardboard is more in keeping with all the aesthetic of shop but we do have the option to laser cut and etch plastic cards. The banknotes aren’t cardboard, maybe the cards shouldn’t be.

  2. Ashley says:

    Yeh that’s what I was envisioning.

    And laser cut and etching, hmmm that does sound cool. Rightly you mentioned our bank notes feel like notes so maybe our card should feel like plastic cards.
    I see that this has advantages, they will fit in among people wallets more and I am assuming they mean we can make a lot of customised ones easier.

    But as I don’t know much about using that technology, how easy is it? what details can you put onto it, I would guess it would only be one colour, can you screen print onto it? how expensive is it?

  3. patrick says:

    You do the design on Illustrator, lines for cutting, fill for etching. It’s extremely precise.

    There’s a lot of scrap acrylic at the workshop so it shouldn’t cost us anything. I was thinking that we would cut the cards and then spray them whatever colour we want.

    We can silk screen print on to them after they’re cut but it would mean a lot of time and effort. However if we etched to have raised numbers or whatever, it would mean we couldn’t print on them.

    We could cut plastic cards and still use the printed QR labels, that’s what I was suggesting the other day.

  4. fred says:

    i think it should be simpler so made from cardboard screen printed…. it won’t look out of place from the rest of the work and it will be more obvious when people get given them in letters or in person that it is part of the alter experience… removed from real life… with the money its important they seem to have value and be different from the products and shelves and so on but with bank cards this is not important.

    we just don’t have the time to do this other stuff, cos i need Patrick to concentrate on all the other important elements

    as far as the names go I think
    just Mr Customer and Mrs Customer
    or Mr Consumer or Mrs Consumer

    and then a card with blank name… and I can give a list

    just remember ash not too thin or small lettering- well normal size will be fine but not for the ‘account number’ and other words cos they probably wont print

    the name of the bank

    ‘BANK’ is fine or maybe a clever play on words or name that emphasises credit although they are debit cards so that works less

    Southern Stone
    with refrerence to northern rock which is notorious with the start of the financial down turn… if u do something like this look in to what happened briefly or ask sara

    any way if its a play on a bank name use say branding
    need to be done by tuesday 20th