Plan 59 has to be my favorite web resource of Rockwellesque 5os Americana advertising.

I don’t think we ever made a conscious choice to use this sort of aesthetic but I think it works because it makes the what is often quite dark humor; lighthearted somehow.

One Response to “Plan 59”

  1. fred says:

    yeah… I just think of them in the same way as the hyper-realism in magazine ads today- created from computer airbrush… same falseness… everyone knows its false but accept it… it is a weird absurdity that we like the lie…

    I also think that it is a good starting point because it isn’t 1950’s America that begun the commodification of life and the selling of the dream… the you can buy the perfect life!

    I think maybe we accept the falseness and like it as a society because we hope it will come true for us… that if we get enough money and buy the right stuff we will be happy and people will think we are cool and we will find love and bliss… through the brands and ideals we buy into?

    what you think?