We had the idea, now we need to let others know and get people engaged

Mini ‘Shop’ was a hurdle we set our selves to over come in November 2009, in preparation for the great task of creating ‘Shop’. Our goal was to exhibit our idea, to visualise it, to test it and to generate interest from the student audience who came to see it. We also aimed to gain more understanding of the way people would interact with the piece and to better foresee how ‘Shop’ would run. It was a very important exhibition for us as we wanted ‘Shop’ to move beyond being an idea in our heads to the Project it has become. Mini ‘Shop’ was us getting the idea out into the world. To ensure this we also performed a short presentation of the project in a lecture theatre and offered free cake… students love cake, everyone loves cake.


Mini ‘Shop’ was set up in a white cube space in the Fine Art studio at the AUCB, where during ‘shop hours’, we tried out our ‘Shop’ staff performance  working hard to bring people in to the cardboard world of ‘Shop’. A few of us remained in character and uniform, completely separate from the idea of it being an exhibition, while others of us were stationed outside wearing OutsideIN T-shirts and handing out money to viewers and giving a brief explanation of what bizarre happenings that awaited them.
During the two days it was open, over 140 students signed up to show there support and to involved. Course leaders and Deans came and were enthused by the project. It was a success and we were very tired!

outsidein129_0 outsidein130 outsidein128

Highlights of the experience was the emergence of Brian a strange and very proud store supervisor performed by Martin Billingham. On the second day the drama reached its climax when to our surprise a gang of cardboard robbers came a stole all our precious stock. This was great and unexpected collaboration- the whole event was secretly planed and created by a group of Model Maker students.

outsidein126_0 outsidein136 outsidein124

We like to add that Brian’s heroic acts meant that no one had a cardboard death and that all ‘Shop’ products were retrieved… find out more by speaking to Brian on facebook and watching the video bellow!

The Day Shop Got Robbed

outsidein001_0 robbery4 robbery1

Here was our first bit of ‘Shop’ related press.

From Mini ‘Shop’ the project gained pace, people like the idea but we still had to get a shop space and design a shop load of new products!