On Monday 3rd of May, the last day of ‘Shop’, we held an artist lead discussion open to all. We offered wine, cake and beer and an informal environment to talk about the event and peoples response to it. As well as the ‘Shop’ going public it was attended by Dave Smith, a councillor for Bournemouth, Nigel Hedges, the President of the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Mike Griffiths, the head of Fine Art at AUCB, Eleanor McBay, the head of Bournemouth Creatives and fellow students. It was great, we were able to bring all of these people together to talk about the issues surrounding the work, in particular, the use of empty shops as temporary spaces for art and community events.

It was really important to us as artist to make a forum for dialogue that enabled our audience to question us and let us know about their own experience and their thoughts about what we had achieved. Th could directly talk  ways we could build on what we had done, to improve the way the town centre serves the public .

“It was the perfect end to both the project and the event, loads of people sharing their thoughts and stories of all different happening in the cardboard world of ‘Shop’. Most importantly questioning how these empty space could be a great way to create a town which serves the community in both a commercial and cultural way”

Bellow are a few responses form the local shop keepers.