Project Shop Logo

‘Shop’ was a year in the making. A few of us when we were in our first year studying Fine Art at the AUCB formed a collective called OutsideIN with the intention of making work together and getting it out into the public. We noticed the empty shops around Bournemouth and we got excited about the idea of using one of them as a place to exhibit, especially because it would give us an opportunity to engage people who don’t go to galleries. We all agreed that we wanted something that was both free and completely removed from the gallery context, made from cheap or found materials to create an experience of art that would be accessible to anyone. That ethos and the desire to address the use of an empty shop is what led us to the idea of creating a pretend shop from cardboard.

“Visited you shop at lunchtime. It is brilliant. I’m still smiling” Gareth Lewis

Brilliant concept, outstanding execution….more more!” Roger Parker, Town Centre Manager

“It was awesome working in the shop with you guys on Saturday, thanks again for letting me be a part of it!” Sam Lands

Bellow is 10 minutes of ‘Shop’ action. For the 4 days we were open audiences could watch live online the CCTV feed. Many come in, notice the website and cameras and text their friends, family and colleagues to get them watch them in the shop and once they left the live streaming meant they could continue to watch the others play ‘Shop’.

I went in to you shop yesterday at around 6ish… and I thought the guy was well creepy…. :L and didnt understand the idea of it all… But I got a really cool cardboard thingy”  Alice Kiernander