In days gone by the sun shone in the land.
The people laughed and grew pink in the light.

In those days of fun, five kings built a new kingdom for themselves, they turned their backs on the world in their own short-lived realm. It was a great kingdom, with feasting, merriment and uncomfortable sandy beds. The five kings built their castle where the land met the sea.

castle05 June 2009: The initial aim of our cardboard fortress was to build a shelter using available free materials. The building blocks were empty cardboard boxes which we obtained from high street shops that no longer needed them as well as other found materials. We took them to the beach and filled them with sand and built a shelter. Our previous work in the airport had been building a structure as a reaction to our surroundings, to bring the group together so this is how we carried on working together. Castle Nudrug was our reaction to being in the seaside town of Bournemouth whilst the sun was shining.
In Bournemouth the beaches becomes a mass of red skinned, lounging, shouting people. We wanted to get away, yet enjoy the beach. We went to an empty beach and built a castle to stake out our territory, this was our land, and no one could interrupt our fun. We forgot about the rest of the world while we were there.