Outside the BBC in Southampton. Time for a drink to celebrate our bumbling interview!

radio_solent_interview.mp3 listen here to us talking about Project ‘Shop’ in an interview with Katie Martin on the Community Chest segment of her show. Plus hear what the judge has to say about our endeavour when she awards us £250 for making community work to engage the local public in fun and conversation.

in the BBC studio with Katie Martin


2 Responses to “listen to Project 'Shop' on BBC radio Solent, We get given £250 for making community art!”

  1. jackhoneysett says:

    and now we are giving this money back? due to not being in dorset. but which radio stations are we going to aim to get on next? radio 1? might as well. lets get on front row and shit like that!!!!

  2. fred says:

    NOT NOW cos we are doing in bournemouth as we always planned YAY!