Why am I involved in the collective?

What interests me in working together with other people- is pooling together lots of our strengths and skills, being able to bring out our own ideas and develop them with other people. I can see that with Shop we are only able to create this well-rounded project because we are sharing our diversity of interests, ideas and skills.

Autonomy- creative collective. Past interest in collaborative groups- creating a forum for creative activity, such as a desire to do papergirl here. In the group there’s always someone there to talk to about art work- can have group tutorials and discuss things we are interested in and our research together- learning from each other.

In the future I hope to initiate projects and/or art work/interventions with the collective, I am happy to have found a group of people who have many shared ideologies and the mutual desire to create work and discussion. We are united in our frustration with the construct of academic art- which seems to conflict our ideas of what we want art to be for us.

Why am I involved in project shop?

Interested in using the visual language to address my interest in topical/cultural concerns- authoring and co-authoring products.  The project appeals to the zeitgeist, it is accessible- based on everyday life. The project has a big scope allowing for us to get things happening outside of University, which is what I want to be doing with my time. I am very interested in interactive and relational aesthetics in art work, and  the shop project is a platform for this. Shop gives a context for art in the community and the community a context for art.

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