this is Michael Landy, I think this is good research for us.

heres a quick blurb I’ve edited


i know hes a YBA and so our natural enemy (if you believe in the each generation must react against it’s predecessors spiel) BUT I think Mike Landys attitude to consumer culture is quite interesting and appropriate for project ’shop’

Michael Landy

‘Closing Down Sale’

In 1992, Landy started an association with Karsten Schubert by making Closing Down Sale for his gallery, an installation made up of a number of objects in shopping trolleys labeled “BARGAIN” and recorded announcements encouraging visitors to buy.

The work was intended as a comment on the commodification of art, and might be seen as a precursor of sorts to Break Down, a work which produced no salable objects.

‘Break down’

Destroyed all possessions ALL of them dust was left

3 Responses to “Interesting work by Michael Landy”

  1. fred says:

    I really liked what he said in the Tateshot film when he was talking about his experience of the 1982 exhibit of Jean Tinguely’s moving sculptures at the Tate,
    he said
    ‘as a student at that point I guess my concerns were about broaching the gap between art and the public… people were really enjoying it, like in a fair ground in a way and I don’t see anything wrong with that but it was at the Tate gallery and I thought that was really incredible’

    this has resonance with why we formed as a group, to make work and take it take it to the public but also the sort of engagement we want our work to create. I guess now days it usual that public go to institutions like the Tate for enjoyment and spectacles but still places like galleries act as containers for the experience of Art and i think art should get out more!

    even if it is just to now containers such as empty shop spaces or other public places at least then it is getting closer, more embedded into societies day to day life.

    do you agree?

  2. thisisapseudonym says:

    Absolutely, the idea of a gallery for me, is a bit of a victim to its own sucess, its THE place to house unconventional things, It becomes the conventional environment for these ‘things’ to be/take place. This in turn i feel, makes the gallery a place for spectacle to take place, for its own sake.

    I often feel like I’m walking through rooms full of oddities when I’m in a gallery and that the worth…the value of these things is meant to exist in the idea that i might be shocked, each thing trying to be more odd than the last.

    whats worse is that there seems to be a breed, a culture of it’s own within a gallery. I feel like Art is this special club in which you learn to love the oddities…or at least learn to speak like you do. This culture designs you to speak and think in a certain way. It’s the exact reason i put off going to uni for so long, i still worry that i am becoming…one of ‘THEM’

    I catch myself sometime thinking that by NOT liking a piece of art that i am some how less of a cerebral creature. Less worthy of an opinion.
    I think this is the impression that drives the whole elitist nature of the Art world currently….it’s a real Shame i still think Art has something to offer. Something for real people, everyday people.

    I do think it has real relevance in day to day life. In being a full human being.

    I really will be a bastion of creativity for as long as i can express.

    But Art….I’m not so sure about Art

    I think now, more than ever, Art needs to change it’s image

  3. fred says:

    you make me laugh Martin…

    I understand and agree with much of what you said…
    but I have always loved galleries and their oddities.
    and yeah I think it is an image problem and some more fundamental issues within its construct, some huge baggage and that is why we chose ‘OutsideIN Creative Collective’ not ‘OutsideIN Art Collective’ because we want to leave some of that behind….
    to step toward daily life and away from the Art world … maybe… but we must never forget all that we love… or at least all that I love and that is the amazing facet of society known as Art… plus Artists are Arts the most evolved and sympathetic audience.

    must find ways to stop this blogging decease or I never sleep again!