Here’s a short list of Advert Spoofs I think are inspiring, there are several elements I would like to include in our own adverts.

I admit I have gone a little Peter Serafinowicz MAD. His clips are an interesting mix of Kitch 1970’s adverts and more modern infomercial.

This first one ‘Complico’ is a fantastic example of the absurdity in commercial advertising, great use of language


The post production on this clip utterly makes it. The highly stylized yet simplistic format is so widely used. The language of this clip is so familiar. I love the way it’s presented, as if it’s a no nonsense approach, but it is then juxtaposed with the nonsensical confusing information.

as a reference take a look at this currys advert from the 1980’s


The next ad spoof ‘Kitchen Gun’ is again a simple piece of exaggeration on a real advert, although the content is absurd…even surreal, it does strongly reflect the voice of advertising, every detail references the ‘Cillit Bang’ adverts. The mise en scene is simplistic, the use of shots, simple establishing shots mixed with close up shots. The whip pans and quick zooms. All presenting the concept of IMPACT, as if the way in which the advert is presented directly reflects the force of the product itself


The ‘Cillit Bang’ adverts became a popular object of ridicule within the public eye

it became popular to spoof and subvert these style of adverts that some became full blown meme’s (meme- is “a postulated unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena”-’wikipedia’ )

The fact of the matter is, I couldn’t even find the original advert,the spoof it’self has far outweighed the original, i think this Techno Remix video is so hyperbolic that it more than proves my earlier point about production values even better than the original



That ad is even more meme-tastic in this troper’s home country, where they for some inexplicable reason gave the guy a native name and dubbed the add in a really crappy way where the dialogue doesn’t match his lip movement at all.
The dialogue doesn’t even match in the original either..”


The atmosphere in this next clip, is closer to the ambiance I want inside of ‘Shop’


The fake…glossy…caked-on layer of obnoxious and hazey superficiality Is exactly what is conjured in my mind when i think about consumerism.

Again the mise en scene is made to measure. It’s use of non threatening soft pastel colours are designed to engender a calm sense of non resistance and friendliness. This includes the camera and editing work. The use of slow dissolves, straightforward framing and typographic captions are also designed to make the content as palatable to as wide an array of viewers as possible. This soporific attitude is similar to the design of early morning talk shows. This sense of a forged and fake atmosphere is encompassed in the performance of the actors in this genre of entertainment. Peter Serafinowicz’s performance reflects this sensation brilliantly, his use of false laughter and over dramatic pausing as well as his appearance as ‘Nancy Cohlesterholes’

take a look at this clip as a reference to the reality of Teleshopping


Bellow is a clip from the Excellent Charlie Brookers Screenwipe, it’s a series that explores media language it a critical and often wry manner. This piece on Presenters i believe fits well to my impressions.

‘Charlie Brooker Screenwipe’ play from 1:20


This next clip for me, reflects the language of adverting most succinctly. Creating and presenting a problem, and then a solution. As if the product or service is offering an answer to a question within the viewers mind. The use of narration interests me as a stylistic choice and helps to make a reference to the sometimes patronizing relationship between advert and viewer


another reflection on this relationship can be found here


Through searching through these spoofs of adverts and finding their real life counterparts. I’ve found the elements of what i want the ‘Shop’ adverts to reflect

  • Low Tech appearance
  • Overly complicated Post production, especially typography
  • Obnoxious voice over/ narration
  • Exaggerated visual presentation
  • and a performance evoking  a soporific and patronizing presenter

One Response to “Inspiration for Video Adverts”

  1. fred says:

    hey martin
    this is exactly the sort of research I was talking about, if we can get some film students on board that will be great starting point… I think its quite clear what we sort of work we want.

    even if we do it all ourselves we can get a few good satirical ads and product promotions done.
    I would like to play either hard talking Barry Scott/cilit bang type person or
    a bad actor the type you get on car adverts or finance ones talking about bills.

    but I think along with the very over top maybe could make some more sly and dry pieces, same ideas but not so brash, like they seem normal but just its clearly fake cos its cardboard and this draws attention to the ridiculous nature of actual ads.

    what the rest you think?