Hi all, Martin suggested I blog about one of my main focuses for Project ‘Shop’, The Cash Machine.

Cash Machine

Right, I’m not great with explaining but here goes, I’ll start with the tech

Components to build the Machine

  • Flash – Actionscript will be the backbones controlling code of the machine
  • old printer – yes we will printing money, well not quite but the components should work well for the dispenser.
  • old usb keyboard – this i will likely hack to use as the button interface as its easy to integrate with flash
  • my old PC – the hardware
  • webcam – to read the cards (using QR codes)
  • pin-hole camera via suitable capture dongle (every customers transaction is recorded, think it will be interesting seeing how people interact)

Later on I will explain more about the ins and outs, but for now i will leave with a question…

So why does Project ‘Shop’ need a cash machine?
well other than it will be a big challenge for me personally allowing me to push my knowledge of certain technologies.
I think it can enhance the ‘Shop’ experience on a few levels.

  • Another outlet to bring discussion about the ideas of ‘money’.
  • PLAY PLAY PLAY – especially for the younger visitors who haven’t came into the world of electronic money yet (maybe it’s these younger ‘customers’ that we really are aiming at, to get them thinking of money and our monetary system in maybe a more informed and responsible way.

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3 Responses to “"I'm working for the cash machine"”

  1. fred says:


    this is going to be very cool, let use know if you need help with the wooden frame and stuff.


  2. jackhoneysett says:

    cool, how’s it going to be activated? one big fat button, or store card, or both? it could really be a main focus for people. the draw will be the contradiction between the cardboard brown, and the techno aspect of the object. are you wanting it to look as swish as possible, or a bit tatty?

  3. Ashley says:

    What do you think it should look like, pristine clean cut cardboard or battered old and used(like a lot of cash machines)

    It’s going to function like a normal cash machine although we won’t have a receipt printer. though i was thinking maybe just have it jammed with chewing gum or something, or work like a toilet paper dispenser