Just a quick post about the poster I’ve made for our Freak Show.

I wanted to make a poster for the freak show because I knew I’d enjoy doing it. The design is based on old Art Noveau posters, although the colouration is taken from circus posters. I incorporated imagery from last year’s Freak Show such as the image of Fred as the Birdman, Flic the bearded lady and the circus tent we made. I drew the other characters from an amalgamation of imagery I sourced from the internet, creating illustration of ideas we’ve talked about for characters we’ll have at the coming Freak Show. The character with the guitar, is a combination of a few ideas that people are developing. I drew the image from a photograph of Robert Johnson whose supposedly sold his Soul to the Devil, it’s also an obvious reference to death. Death, the Soul and the Devil are all themes we intend to make apart of the Freak Show.

I intend to silk screen print the posters and use them for promotion as well as hopefully selling a few to raise money for the Fine Art Degree Show.

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