I was re-watching the film ‘One hour Photo’

Thinking that the character Robin Williams plays (and very well i might add) Seymour “Sy” Parrish could be a valuable for my Brian character in Shop

Obviously Brian will be nowhere near as creepy/sad/psychotic as the Williams role.

However keeping in mind a sort of pretend back story, trying to understand how ‘Brian’ might work outside of Shop i think will help me add a new dimension to him. I can imagine he would have obsessive compulsive tendencies, he’s SUPER organized…a bit of a control freak. This would go well with his delusions of grandeur and his misconstrued pride in his position at work, it proves to him that he is important. that this piece of the world. is his domain.

I really want to work on the use of silence to contrast the over the top nature of Brian so far. I think if i can push the character to pause during moments in which he doesn’t know he can be seen…work out the layer beneath his Super Ego (as in Psychology), make him more than a single dimensional…well joke.


Notice the hamster/gerbil in the trailer…a nice little touch I thought

I want the Brian character to get across the mundane elements the the Atmosphere of Shop, particularly playing with the fabricated platitudes within customer service jobs….and BOY do i have experience of that <shudders

I think this picture sums up the Sy character from ‘One Hour Photo’ and how he relates to Brian pretty well

3 Responses to “Character Research-Brian”

  1. fred says:

    think it is going to be a Oscar winning performance that people will talk about for years… but yeah less crazy than this character I think is best.

    Good research must start developing my character!


  2. jackhoneysett says:

    no you don’t want brain to get across the mundane elements the the atmosphere of shop.

    it wouldn’t be brian if he wasn’t hyping up every single product. he would have to be very dismissive of the products, the brian we know things the products are his babies to be proud of, and to make the company proud of him. if he is that then he will be in the customer’s face the whole time, like we saw and enjoyed him doing.

    it just sounds like you are trying to change him into something like a boring character, which may be fine for brian’s brother, brian is a genuine tool for engaging people in the cardboard products.

    maybe give some examples of how you might develop brian?

    i dont think you will be able to change him, he is perfect

  3. thisisapseudonym says:

    maybe your right Jack, I did mange to engage alot of people into the mini shop experience with Brian being over the top….WAY over the top.

    i guess it’s important that there’s some comic relief, also that the character is so proud and precious about the products, like you said, he’s showing them off like a parent might show off a graduation photo. It really intertwines Brian and Shop, they become inseparable

    I still want to develop Brian and i want to talk about other characters and how they might interact…hmmm i have an idea