hi guys I have an idea for a monthly piece I would like to set up…
Friday Food Thought Exchange- lunch and good conversation!

fftexchange3 fftexchange2

On maybe the last Friday of each month in small space, most likely a white cube space in the Fine art studios we can invite fellow students on our course to sit down and share both food and talk about a particular topic…
the food will be our usual simple but tasty home made stuff like bread and sauces and pasta, rice, pizza ect… Each month there will be a different topic of conversation that I or one of you or someone else wants to discuss.


The first being about ‘audience’ and what as artist we want from our audience, what relationship we are trying to make, everyone talking specifically about there own practices, own ideas and then more widely about the role or experience of the audience in contemporary art. I’ll lead this one but everyone be involved like the ‘Shop’ talk and then next one maybe one you lead it more… we could talk about anything that we want other input for.

I think we could make friendly, relaxed, open and generous atmosphere, speak, listen and get to know people.

I already got some cushions and some bowls and big pans for cooking, plus gonna use cctv and mic to record it.

for those of use interested in relational art and discursive work this piece will really allow us to actively engage with what it means to make a such work and as a way of personally experiencing a piece like that of Rirkrit Tiravanija pictured bellow. To find out what it means, what happens and to try to ascertain the value of creating such things

an example of his work

anyone wanna help or even just come along?

ash, ill need help or advice on cctv stuff?

I was thinking pasta, bread, wine and few types of sauces… ellie sorry about all the wheat- just make cheap and filling lunch plus I already have a big bag of pasta… I will pay for it all this time if anyone like the idea next time they can chip in too.

what you think?

any ideas for topics for other months?