I came across this fantastic advert while searching for reference images to create Hoofies.

In addition to providing a good reference for Hoofies it’s also a great example of using shock tactics in advertising in order to grab peoples intention.
Really shocking adverts are often created for the web; adverts which are too sick for tv are made with the intention of them going viral. Some adverting companies make these virals and purposefully try to hide the fact that it is actually an advert. For example there was a phone which had a cool sort of flip feature; a viral was made seemingly by an individual who had bought the phone and had filmed himself doing funny creative things with the phone. It was supposedly just a cool viral made by one guy but it was actually a clever piece of marketing by a huge phone company.

One Response to “Boost Mobile TV Ad”

  1. fred says:

    Is there any ideas for our virals … like we could just have a film of some one eating Hoofies… talking about breakfast being the most important meal of the day and then you see them crunching away.. then it pans down to the bloody bowl of cereal… finishing with a shoot of the packet and loads of ticks appearing along side…
    martin you can do the voice! need a nice looking girl to do the eating… kirsty?… ellie kp?