My practice primarily focuses on investigating concepts of representation within contemporary visual media through various forms of print.

I design illustrative metaphors that explore aspects of culture and visual media using appropriated fragments, images, text and elements of visual languages familiar to a western audience. Perverting these cultural fragments, I create an altered perspective from which the audience can question and re-evaluate them, and the culture they are a part of.

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Recent Posts

We recently did our second Freak Show. As with the previous year, some of us, myself especially wanted to use it as place to test out some ideas. We wanted to create an atmosphere centered on the theme of a circus freak show, featuring a variety of art works and performances. We tried to create [...]

As I said in my last post; I created these posters for our Freak Show event. I silk-screen printed 22 posters. I didn’t try very hard to line up all of the layers while printing and they’re all on cheap newsprint paper. I made them this way because I wanted them to look like they [...]

Just a quick post about the poster I’ve made for our Freak Show.
I wanted to make a poster for the freak show because I knew I’d enjoy doing it. The design is based on old Art Noveau posters, although the colouration is taken from circus posters. I incorporated imagery from last year’s Freak Show such [...]

This is the final design I did for the shop banknotes. I completely re did parts, like the drawing of Martin and edited certain elements from the previous design. I’ve tried to give the design an etched look, creating line based pattern fills and generally using line for most of the design.
Based on the discussion [...]

In addition to everything else going on this week, I’m working on the final design of Shop’s fake banknotes.

Today I had a really useful talk with print technician Jess about how to fabricate the fake money for Shop. I showed her the stuff I’ve been working on and we talked about engraving, intaglio, lithographs, etc.
I’ve been working on the money thing like it’s a personal side project; it’s been great for developing my [...]

I’m just adding a link to this guys portfolio because he’s made some really cool things out of cardboard.
He says he made them as a response to our consumer relationship with technology and obsolescence.
Kyle Bean

I found this archive of patents Americans have taken out on their obviously ingenious inventions, like this; the Bunny Syringe. Because nothing says child friendly like a small bunny with a massive needle running through it.

Plan 59 has to be my favorite web resource of Rockwellesque 5os Americana advertising.
I don’t think we ever made a conscious choice to use this sort of aesthetic but I think it works because it makes the what is often quite dark humor; lighthearted somehow.

I came across this fantastic advert while searching for reference images to create Hoofies.
In addition to providing a good reference for Hoofies it’s also a great example of using shock tactics in advertising in order to grab peoples intention.
Really shocking adverts are often created for the web; adverts which are too sick for tv are [...]