I am a Digital media artist, I also have curatorial experience and Creative director skills.

I make Interactive art installations using a combination of multiple media platforms to create a directed  experience. I use video projection, audio and lighting in conjunction with computing elements to produce engaging interactive art. These works are reinforced by my Fine Art and Film background.

My agenda is to create interactive experiences that can be used for both Artistic and Psychological disciplines. My subject matter is centered around the topic of Cognition more specifically the theme of Perception, I believe this topic gives wide scope for both Artisic and Scientific practices.

I do this through project management of a small team of technicians, critical evaluation and a strong level of theoretical and practical research.  Although my main tasks are often organisational and critical, I learn practical skills through my team and work with them directly throughout each stage of a project.

I believe that the future of Art will depend upon its practical application and relevance to other disciplines, that is not to say that Art is inferior. Infact I think Art has the unique position to combine with a wide scope of varying subjects. I also believe it is vital to be a member of a critical mass of creative practitioners. This improves the quality of organisation and quality of work, for both the individual and for the whole.

check out my blog on interactivity  http://importanceofinteraction.wordpress.com/

Recent Posts

Another bit of character study for Brian
Colin Hunt-Officer Joker from ‘The Fast Show’
I was inspired by a shop keeper that i came into contact with today, the sheer awkwardness in his attempt to make me laugh produced a tense atmosphere. I felt as if he was desperately searching for a way to bond with me [...]

Looked through this really good website today, going to post parts from this particular excerpt. It acts as a good back up for our use of media imagery, particularly the 1950’s Americana nuclear family
Re-Imagining the American Dream
By Elizabeth Thoman
Like most middle-class children of the 50s, I grew up looking for the American Dream. In those [...]

Breaking news
BBC Radio Solent Community Chest are beginning to push our event, there is NOTHING definite, the woman i talked to was hesitant to make any sort of promises. Mike as in course leader, is acting as our referee in this, he should be talking to them today or tomorrow. regardless, things [...]

Here’s a short list of Advert Spoofs I think are inspiring, there are several elements I would like to include in our own adverts.
I admit I have gone a little Peter Serafinowicz MAD. His clips are an interesting mix of Kitch 1970’s adverts and more modern infomercial.
This first one ‘Complico’ is a fantastic example of [...]

I bothered them and Bothered them and Bothered some more
Talked to lots of Letting Agents and Landlords, got a mixed response, still chasing loose ends dangling about
I think I’m doing pretty good when it comes to these Phone convos
The Basic responce has been positive-but hesitant, seems the issue is that there is no way we [...]

after talking with the rest of OutsideIN i realize i was trying to make Brian into something that would destroy the point of his character. I’m still determined to develop him and understand how other Shop characters would interact with him and viceversa
I have a new study for Brain and it’s this man

Alan Carr
Ok obviously [...]

I was re-watching the film ‘One hour Photo’
Thinking that the character Robin Williams plays (and very well i might add) Seymour “Sy” Parrish could be a valuable for my Brian character in Shop

Obviously Brian will be nowhere near as creepy/sad/psychotic as the Williams role.
However keeping in mind a sort of pretend back story, trying to [...]

I think the idea of this video is to cover as many bases as possible, as many different potential markets are ’sold’ to with the use of language and imagery.
I can imagine our shop TV adverts being presented in a similar way, i mean we could have alot of shops content as viral like ad’s. [...]

this is Michael Landy, I think this is good research for us.
heres a quick blurb I’ve edited
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Landy
i know hes a YBA and so our natural enemy (if you believe in the each generation must react against it’s predecessors spiel) BUT I think Mike Landys attitude to consumer culture is quite interesting and appropriate for [...]