Jack Honeysett’s practice is focused on what happens in the gulf between a performer’s body and the audience’s mind. Highlighting what happens in the process of bringing performance to a fine art audience with video, often by re-invigorating a performance video by imbuing it with physicality in the space. Turning the 2D human characters into architectural space, or combining two or more videos that talk harmoniously together in a space.

Honeysett’s recent work has been focusing on the vernacular folk performances of the Morris, breaking up Morris dancing into its constituent parts to play with his audience’s preconceptions and methods of engagement with English folk dance, contemporary dance and performance art.


Fred’s quest into the underworld for a spirit to guide him through this life.

Jack’s search for a new interpretation for narrative in motion picture.


Fred and Jack fight it out in a series of bouts to determine who is the strongest, fittest and fastest.


The Epic quest for the company of another human being by a lonely caveman.


Ever wished you had another arm? In this experiment i tested what would

happen if i danced with myself. I thought i had created the greatest morris

team known to man, but i had created a monster.

Recent Posts

over the past few days the shop has become a festering hive of activity. yesturday i finally finished cladding the main shelf and we put up brown paper along one wall, i think this will change our decisions about the space as whole. we are going for a ripped and almost tatty look, to suit [...]

wednesday i started putting together what i had originally planed for the central shelf and thursday i started cladding it. this was tricky and fiddly and was not satisfying, and was not creating anything which anyone would have been happy with. then after a coffee break me and pat came across some giant sturdy pallets [...]

here is upgrade at the moment, the front black square is a blister. i would appreciate some cluttery jargon for the back (left side of the net), some more ideas for underneath ‘2001 mb of life’, the top left hand text is gay, not funny enough i think, any suggestions? and PUNS = FUN. could [...]

it’s been interesting going to meetings recently, maybe its due to my role being project manager making me think it or perhaps as we carry on this project i am getting a clearer idea of how the people we are meeting might actually help us.
it was first in the kirsten hardy meeting i started seeing [...]

http://newcurator.com/2009/02/slack-space-empty-shops-as-exhibition-space/here is a tiny start for our research

after the recent disappointment and general confusion about the last crits i have been thinking of ways to improve my marks in these assessments. i am going to abandon the telling the tale of what i have been through during a project (though i think this works well in the presentation context). i am going [...]