I think my role as artist is not to give answers but to raise questions.

I would like challenge the notion of ‘Art’ as objects, experiences or performances within a particular space designated for ‘Art’ (such as Art institutions, exhibition spaces etc.) to ‘Art’ meaning a personal and public dialogue that leads to critical debate which is again both personal and public.

This dialogue is the relationship between the content in its context with anyone (the Viewer/Participant/Artist). The critical debate is the discussion that is either personal, an internal contemplative relationship with the personal perception of the experience or public conversations provoked by the content in context. To make this I have much to learn about engaging an audience and provoking questions and equally important how to create the forums for the discussion.



They placed it in a frame
to let us know it was valuable
that we should take time to contemplate it

It was framed
to let us know where it began
and our world ended

We peered in
we stepped in
we immersed in the frame

And having been framed
we looked at ourselves
those around us
and all that surrounded us
and if confident
we contemplated
the out and the in
what we knew before
and what was apparent now

They called it Art so that we could see the invisible frame