I am motivated and inspire by the power of art and creativity in peoples lives. Art not only has the capacity to capture the worlds and lives’ we experience but also the power and potential to create and change them. My practice is centred around people and relationships. I see art as a conversation which utilise all tools of communication, from traditional forms of visual and textual media to verbal, spacial and interpersonal interactions. I seek to advocate self exploration and thought and to remind the viewer that there is not one right understanding to anything. It is from this base I explore my role as artist within a society of people, objects and spaces.

I produce work through performance and collaboration with groups of people to create pieces that subvert traditional understanding of spaces and specific contexts. I am a founding member of OutsideIN Creative Collective, a group of 7 young artists who make work together and separately. We have very different skills and personal practices but work closely together to make interactive art events, performances and large scale works. The work originated from this group is based around core aims which are akin to my own.

My personal practice is that of a performance artist, for this I develop lectures, workshops and conversation pieces as well as performances outside art contexts. Some of these works are presented in exhibitions of documentation, using photography, video and text.

For the performances I take on roles or personas. I enact tasks with in particular space as a way to interact with and learn about a place and more importantly to engage with groups of people in a thought provoking manner. This sometimes involves wearing a costume and pretending not to be myself or an artist, in these instances the audience (those I am interacting with) do not know that they are experiencing is a work art. I may subsequently present a record of the performance within art context to allow it to function as art but not always. Such was the case my 2009 performance work, Patrick Wayward BU Time Team in which I approach many groups of students to persuade them to sign up to create Bournemouth student ‘Time Team’ to do a local archaeological dig. This piece pivoted around the power of an individuals influence within groups. The piece combined an endeavour to spread a passion to others and an exploration of group dynamics within the performance of an improvise story. This narrative entwine both fictional and factual elements about the history of Bournemouth to challenge the viewers understanding of the place. This work as with all my performances is less about the dissemination of particulars but rather about engaging people and raising ideas and questions to create lively conversations.

As an artist I aim not to give answers but to raise questions and to promote the inquisitive and questioning nature of humanity. Prominent French critic Nicolas Bourriaud summed it up simply when he wrote that ‘ Contemporary art resembles a period of time that has to be experienced, or the opening of a dialogue that never ends.’

My goal is to create these experiences and start these dialogues.