I’m Ellie, I’m short and a girl.

When I’m feeling particularly grounded, like today, I realise that I am on a giant learning curve, which actually isn’t a bad thing at all. I am beginning to become aware that I am being formed by the reactions I have to the things I learn and observe around me. I hope that I am being formed out of the things that I am inspired to change, rather than the rejection of things as a result of cynicism.

I think I am ultimately striving towards creating a new context in which to live in. I’m focussing my interests and building towards this place.

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This was the first ever Illustrator endeavor for me
This product essentially sells you what you already have. For the design, I mimicked a kind of Cartoon Network kind of idea, a bit kitschy with a hint of 50s, with some ccccllleeeeeeaaaaarrrrrr instuctions .
This is the Log commercial from Ren and Stimpy

So! I’m posting after a long time. I’m going to aim to get all the products up onto the blog, with a bit of research behind them.
Hype Wipes from Vrai. I worked on them with input from Fred, Ellie and Jack.

Prior to the finished project, Fred and I had this conversation, as Hype Wipes were [...]

SO! the party is going ahead.  I think it’s under control. This is going to a hectic week as we have to clear Patrick’s house, deck it out in cardboard, build a cardboard fort village and set up music and lights and we have 4 days to do it in, starting tomorrow. MEANWHILE gotta be [...]

This is Cellu-Lite, a multi-purpose beauty spread. Yeah, you heard. I decided to ‘develop’ Cellu-lite’s unique formulae as a backlash to the volumes of so-called anti-aging or miracle cosmetic products that are on the market. The adverts for these products are packed with quasi-science mixed with consumer opinion polls to give you the latest serum [...]

start printing tshirts tomorrow….!
Gunna start selling prints on the website, as well as tees.
exciting stuff
love mooshie taboo x

Today we printed all the tshirt designs out onto paper so they can be oiled and exposed (hehe) on the screens tomorrow. Went pretty well and now that designing’s out the way, it’s back on to product design. Got a lot to get through but it should be good.
Think i’m going to be asking people [...]

and…I have FINALLY finished the design that’s taken me a stretch of 4 days to complete due to ills. BUT ! it’s finally here, and i’m uber happy
This is what the screen will look like – in 3 parts. -Patrick, let me know if this looks okay. I can’t get each screen’s detail [...]

wow i’m so ill. me and ellie have ebola or ecoli or ellideth or anything beginning with e that got us
screwy timing. but i’m feeling a large amount better than earlier. not speaking too soon though.
i also drank a ‘propa brew’ maybe that is the secret to my health. because i neeeeever drink [...]

Patrick! Will this be okay to go on a screen, oui/non?
-Not the actual colours.

Look at it! and then…
1. Tell me what you think
2. I will make any changes necessary
3. Show you again
4. Repeat step one
5. Go in a loop until there are no changes to be made
6. GO TO PRINT!!!!!!!!!!