Reality and truth are ambiguous, so my approach to life and art is to- adventure! To me other people are intriguing, an undiscovered pool of fun, conversation and ideas!- this is why I find ‘Relational Aesthetics’ in art so interesting, so roll on adventuring and discovery.

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Long time no see countrymen- we have a piece of press devotion, well, attention anyway- in the form of Bournemouth University’s student run newspaper. With details of when we plan to run project ‘Shop’ and a positive outlook on what we want to achieve; Adam Parris-Long has summed up the project quite nicely (or was [...]

Why am I involved in the collective?
What interests me in working together with other people- is pooling together lots of our strengths and skills, being able to bring out our own ideas and develop them with other people. I can see that with Shop we are only able to create this well-rounded project because we [...]

Today for me has been mostly about the Hide colloboration project with architecture- which has the potential to be pretty exciting. Although I did check my emails: have had an email back from Celia (Stitch) who has given cardboard searching tips and an email back from Hannah Ford (House of Trash) who has suggested Creative Cabins [...]

Today I had my new unit introduction: “articulating time and space”, the artists’ Julia showed us were pretty inspriational so I’m really looking forward to getting into the research. But the tutors were bang on with the feedback I got today with suggesting I get making as soon as I can into the project. OutsideIN wise- I [...]

The worst is over! the ellie (norovirus) virus has been defeated! go blood type O! anyway I feel rubbish but there is stuff to do and people to see… god I can’t believe it’s the 31st of January already, where did the time go? yeessh
Stitch have facebooked back: Stalls are free

Stitch Bournemouth 31 January [...]