I am ashley, I’m interested in human interaction especially with technology and the modern world. I have always loved the possibilities that technology opens up for creativity be it the intended purpose of the technology being used or not. I’ve not quite pin pointed what I consider myself to be, but my lack of any real drawing/painting skill makes me relish the digital world for my expression. For now lets just say i’m interested.

For more of my work visit www.captureperspective.co.uk

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The cash machine hasn’t moved very far since my first post on the subject, but I’m still confident it is possible to get up and running for the event.
Here’s a brief bit about the pitfalls I’ve come up against.
Firstly I really want to avoid having to do any electronics as my knowledge is limited and [...]

Hi all, Martin suggested I blog about one of my main focuses for Project ‘Shop’, The Cash Machine.

Right, I’m not great with explaining but here goes, I’ll start with the tech

Flash – Actionscript will be the backbones controlling code of the machine
old printer – yes we will printing money, well not quite but the components [...]

1. Do you feel elated when discovering pristine large unwrinkled cardboard?
2. When shopping are you surprised not to able to find Hoofies on the shelf, and bewildered at the manager when he informs you that they don’t in fact sell them?
3. Is ’shop’ present under the previous employment section of your CV?
4. Do you wish [...]

Project ‘Shop’ will be starring at 60 Million Post Cards’ very own Stitch!, a night sure to get your creative juices flowing while you enjoy a beer or few.
So come down to Post Cards from 6pm on Wed 17th of Feb where the Project ‘Shop’ team will be holding workshops, inviting you to design products [...]

so it works fine

Give 2 hours
Sign Up today
‘Shop’ After Party!

So it was mentioned to me instead of barcodes on the products we would do some or all with QR codes.
Uploaded with plasq’s Skitch!
QR codes or 2D barcodes are encrypted information usually contact details that with phone apps or webcams can send a person directly to a site.
so people effectively the products could take them [...]