For now we are mostly doing our own individual stuff but checkout what we achieved together.

Project ‘Shop’ is testament the power of working as a group and also the massive learning curve that can arrive from deciding to do something and then actually going at it for months until you achieve it. We all had to do so many things we had never done before, many weren’t fun and some were seriously frustrating.

so what is OutsideIN?

During Project ‘Shop’ we joked a lot about the 7 of us being idiots that working together just about make one functional being… but I think of us as some sort of machine or organism made of different parts. We never form a perfectly ordered, settled and working production, we never became a beautifully functional factory because the with OutsideIN machine parts are always falling off and we are constantly having to pull and push it back together. Sometime we are one but other times we are 2 or 3 or even 7 separate entities… we are not fragile because of this, its our strength.

We live out an organic system of collapse, change and reformation.

Whatever state we are in things happen, results may vary but things happen. When we see an opportunity, quicker than we could ever fall apart, we unit again to make something exciting and new.