This is us.

OutsideIN Creative Collective is made up of  seven artists who are passionate about making art that engages with the community. As artists we want to challenge traditional preconceptions that creative endeavours and play are valuable only for artists and children. We believe creative activities and imaginative thought is very important for the individual and the group. Through our work we aim to make a positive impact in the communities we work within.

OutsideIN Creative Collective formed in March 2009 while studying at The Arts University College Bournemouth. We work and play together. We are involved in each others work but all have very different personalities and artistic practices. We like our differences.

The group unites to produce art around these key aims:
To place work in the public environment.
To promote the inquisitive and questioning nature of humanity.
To question individuals perceptions of reality.
To remind the viewer that there is not one right understanding to anything.
To advocate self exploration and thought as a cure to apathy.
To encourage play and creativity as a part of everyday life.
To be sincere in all our endeavours.
To be ambitious and not avoid big ideas.

The truth is…