SO! the party is going ahead.  I think it’s under control. This is going to a hectic week as we have to clear Patrick’s house, deck it out in cardboard, build a cardboard fort village and set up music and lights and we have 4 days to do it in, starting tomorrow. MEANWHILE gotta be arranging Stitch! stuff for tomorrow at 5pm…. including Mooshie Taboo stuff and some kind of amazing work shop which hasn’t been organised at all yet.

We need to do a booze run, and fix up some kind of health and safety for the party…

So far 98 people confirmed, 101 maybe and 600 and something not yet couldget vvery hectic!

At the moment wrestling with the idea of tellign neighbors/landlord that we’re throwing a fundrasier party … we don’t we?!


we need to establish what our ‘roles’ will be at the party – bouncers, people in charge or merch, boooze, keeping all the cash safe, damage control, fire watch etc.

yep. it’s starting to sound boring but i really need everyone to give me a hand as the responsibility of this has been casually dumped on my head and this week i was meant to be getting on top of printing and designing products, figuring out a screen rotation plan and DOING shop. Oh and figuring out what i’m going to do my essay on, and then actually beginning the research, and then writing the essay. And not eating wheat or dairy at all. haha x

UPDATE: Clare has found ‘a sick russian chick’ to DJ as well. still waiting for Shark Bait and co to confirm

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