Check out our cardboard ‘Shop’

Open 4 days in May 2010, this playful exploration of high street culture captivated shoppers in true OutsideIN fashion with confusion, excitement and intrigue. Never before has Bournemouth town center played host such an array of unforgettably bizarre encounters.Thousands of handmade cardboard goods found a home in the bags of consumers, each with a different story to tell.


In 2010 the Freak Show returned, and it was bigger and better than ever. Preceded by a manipulative promotion project involving posters, 45 opened it’s doors to all and sundry and presented all manor of freaks. The Devil was at work collecting souls and Rapey the Pig was there to warm up the broken boys, who played to every sin. Highlights included the Freaks Parade and the Birdman Dance.

Watch the Wonderful film Jack made of our last big event, Freak Show 2010.